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Virtual Hosting - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Hosting services
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5 Questions and Answers were found:
I have been reading online about Verizon's new email policy: "Verizon e-mail servers will not deliver any mail originated by Verizon customers unless they have an e-mail address that ends in verizon.net, bellatlantic.net, or a ''domain name'' corresponding to a World Wide Web domain hosted by Verizon." I have Verizon DSL. What's up with this?    
You can still use MartNet Hosting Services and your Virtually Hosted E-Mail to send mail which appears to come from your MartNet account (ie. YOURNAME@YOURDOMAIN.com ) with Verizon DSL or most other ISP's.
FIrst, make sure your OUTGOING MAILSERVER is set to YOURDOMAIN.COM (where YOURDOMAIN.COM is any domain of yours hosted here at MartNet.) You must check your email account first, then you can send your outgoing email. You will only be able to send mail for a short while after checking your mail.

NOTE: If you get an error such as "YOURDOMAIN.COM" (or whatever your outgoing mailserver is set to) COULD NOT BE CONTACTED; THE SERVER MAY BE DOWN or some similar medssage, Your ISP may be blocking ALL mail traffic to foreign mail servers (including ours.) Our mail server isn't down - you're ISP is blocking your access to it. Some ISP's do this in an attempt to slow the spread of spam (this method DOES NOT work...), or to force their ISP customers to also subscribe to their own Web Hosting Services. We recommend that you contact your ISP for assistance and/or to complain about this.

I try to get to webmail via my domain, and I get a '404 page not found' error. What's wrong? 
The link yourdomain.com/webmail is case sensitive. "webmail" must be typed in lower case, or you will get an error message.

I was curious about setting up a mailing list for my MartNet Hosted Web Site. I was wondering, what sort of mail program do you use? Do you have any kind of included scripts for handling mailing lists? If not, what would you suggest would be appropriate for setting one up?    
MartNet does not maintain any sort of mailing lists, so we have no use for nor do we recommend any particular mailing list package.

HOWEVER, A number of our virtual hosting customers do use DadaMail (http://mojo.skazat.com). It is free, open source, simple to set up, and has a very nice, intuitive, Web based management interface. Setting DadaMail up if you choose to use it is your responsibility. Be sure to read the README.txt file that comes with the package and follow all instructions. Refer to the DadaMail web site and the MartNet Support Site (using your own custom CGI's at http://support.martnet.com/content.php?get=66) if you have any questions about how to set up DadaMail or any other CGI of your choosing.

There are only 3 settings in the CONFIG.pm file you need to set, and the rest can be configured from the Web interface (be sure to set permissions properly when uploading the files!) The path to the nesessary mail program is "/usr/lib/sendmail" which is DadaMail's default, so you don't even need to set that variable.

What are the rules around here? I never got a copy! 
The basic rules are available online here . Please check them out and feel free to write in with comments or questions.

What's the format for date/time for cron?  
There are six things, all seperated by spaces. For example, it might look like this: 01 3 4 * scriptname Each of those values is as follows: 1. minute of the hour, 00 to 59 2. hour of the day, 00 to 32 (military time) 3. day of the month, 1 to 31 4. month of the year, 1 to 12 5. day of the week, sun, mon, tue,.... 6. actual command to execute * an asterisk that matches all possible values, * a single integer that matches that exact value, * a list of integers separated by commas (no spaces) used to match any one of the values * two integers separated by a dash (a range) used to match any value within the range.

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