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Modem problems
Why does my modem connect at a slower speed then my previous ISP?

If you have an older modem, it might run on X2 or Kflex technolgy. Prior to February, 1998, there was no standard for 56K modems. You had a choice between two proprietary 56K protocols: x2 from U.S. Robotics, or K56flex from Rockwell and Lucent. If you bought company A's proprietary 56K protocol, you won't be able to call a modem using company B's proprietary 56K technology and get the full speed. You'd still be able to connect 28.8 or 33.6K.There is now an ITU 56K modem standard, called V.90.

Martnet supports the V.90 standard but not X2 or Kflex. Some other ISP's still support that technolgy and you wouldn't have noticed the change in standards. To upgrade your modem to the V.90, you'll need to check your the site of the company that manufactured your modem. Some modems require a software driver upgrade or a flash ROM upgrade. If your modem was manufactured (not purchased) after January 1999, chances are, it is v90 compatible.

For more info on 56K modems check out 56k.com

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