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Connecting with Windows 95
A step-by-step walkthrough.

This page covers the following topics:

General Configuration Information

Setting Up Windows 95 to Connect to MartNet

  • Verifying your modem.
  • Configuring your modem
  • Setting up Dial-Up Networking
  • Connecting to MartNet
  • Accessing the World Wide Web

Using other software

The MartNet FTP Archives - Download FREE Software

Setting Up Windows 95 to Connect to MartNet

This document describes the procedure for connecting to MartNet with a Windows 95 PC equipped with a modem. Within this document, anytime you see a list like this: (Start->Programs->...), follow the listed sequence of menus, menu items, or other controls. At different points during this process, Windows 95 may ask that you reboot your computer, and you should do so at those times.

After you have completed all of these steps, step 4 is the only step you will need to connect to MartNet again.

NOTE: This document assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of Windows 95 , including using the mouse, how to open icons, using menus, etc. If you are having trouble, you should probably pick up a book about using Windows 95 .

1. Verifying your modem.

If you are sure that Windows 95 (hereafter win95) is configured properly to talk to your modem, you can go on to step 3. Otherwise, take these steps:

Make sure the modem is turned on and plugged into a serial port (if it is an external modem) Verify that the modem is plugged into a working phone line.

Open the win95 Control Panel (Start->Settings->Control Panel) Open the System icon. Click on the Device Manager tab. Click on the [+] next to Modem. If your modem is listed, you should be all set for step 3, otherwise, go on to step 2.

2. Configuring your modem

The following steps should get your modem operating with win95, assuming there are no hardware-related problems with your PC:

Open the win95 Control Panel (Start->Settings->Control Panel) Open the Add New Hardware icon. Click the Next button. Choose No, and click Next. Find and double-click on Modem. Click Next. Your current modem type should be displayed. Click Next. Click Finish.

If your modem was not detected, you are probably experiencing hardware problems. You should look for a troubleshooting section in your modem manual.

3. Setting up Dial-Up Networking

First, you need to make sure you have win95's Dial-Up Networking component installed:

Open the win95 Control Panel (Start->Settings->Control Panel) Open the Add/Remove Programs icon. Click on the Windows Setup tab. Double-click on Communications (the word, not the check-box). If there is no check in the box next to Dial-Up Networking, click in the box. Click OK a couple of times.

Next, you need to make sure win95 is set up to use TCP/IP (this is what win95 uses to talk to the Internet) Open the win95 Control Panel (Start->Settings->Control Panel) Open the Network icon. If TCP/IP is not listed, click Add. Open the Protocol icon. Select Microsoft from the Manufacturers list. Select TCP/IP from the Network Protocols list. Click OK, wait a moment, and click OK again.

Now you need to set up Dial-Up Networking to work with MartNet.

Open up the Dial-Up Networking folder. (Start->Programs->Accessories->Dial-Up Networking) Open the Make New Connection icon. Replace "My Connection" with MartNet. Click Next. Enter the MartNet Dial-up phone number of your choice. Click Next. Click Finish. Right-click on the MartNet icon, and click on Properties. Click the Server Type button. Uncheck the Log On to Network option. Uncheck the NetBEUI and IPX/SPX options. Click on TCP/IP Settings. Select Server Assigned Name Server Addresses. If you'd rather specify them, see this page for the most recent DNS numbers. Set Primary WINS to NONE. Click OK on all three windows.

4. Connecting to MartNet

You are now ready to connect win95 to your MartNet account. Open the MartNet icon. (Start->Programs->Accessories->Dial-Up Networking) Enter your User name and password. Click connect. When you get the Connected at message, you are connected to MartNet!

6. Accessing the World Wide Web

All current versions of Windows and MacOS come with all the necessary software to connect to and use the Internet. However, you are free to use any software that uses the TCP protocol for Internet communications. There are thousands of software packages available for using the Internet, both commercial anf free. There are far too many packages to list here. We suggest that you use the software that comes with your computer. Once you get the hang of using the Intertnet, experiment with new software.

As a low-cost Internet Service Provider, MartNet does not provide commercial software, which would escalate our prices. Instead, we have instructions for downloading your own software. The software we recommend (and provide instructions for downloading) is Netscape Navigator. This software will handle WWW browsing, email, and UseNet news. Step 5 must be completed before attempting this step. NOTE: It may take over an hour to download Netscape due to its size. After typing each of the commands listed, you must hit enter.

For instructions on using the Internet software that comes with your computer (such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Outlook, and Netscape's many fine products) please refer to your computer's documentation, it's built in help system, or any one of the hundreds of Web Sites and books available on learning and using the Internet.

Using other software

You may use of any TCP/IP based software for accessing various Internet services. MartNet does not support or guarantee success with any software packages you may choose to use. Contact the vendor of any Internet access software if you have problems, or check the Windows 95 /NT/2000 UseNet news groups and see if anyone has already experienced the problem and has posted a solution.

MartNet FTP Archives
MartNet maintains an extensive collection of software for most computer platforms, including Windows 95 /NT/2000. Included in the collection is a great deal of alternative Internet tools (ssh programs, web browsers, news readers, compression utilities, etc.) We strongly encourage our users to experiment with various software packages and find what works best for you. We try to test every package available and make our findings available to you, but there's so much new software available every day that it's impossible to keep up.

Once connected to MartNet, here's one way to access the FTP archives: Bring up an MS-DOS prompt (Start->Programs->MS-DOS Prompt) Enter this command: ftp ftp.martnet.com At the User prompt, enter "anonymous" At the Password prompt, enter your MartNet email address. For example: nik@martnet.com.

All the good stuff is in the /pub directory. Feel free to download as much stuff as you like. And, most important of all, have fun!

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