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Changing your Martnet Password
How to change your martnet password, and tips for keeping it secure.

Changing your MartNet Password

This page covers the following topics:

It's a good idea to change your password often. Here are some guidelines for picking a secure password, followed by instructions on how to actually change your password. For your own security and peace of mind, please read through this entire document.

Password Basics:

  1. PICK a good password. See below for guidelines if you don't know what a "good" password is...
  2. CHANGE your password often, just in case...
  3. DON'T use this password for anything else. Not for other ISPs, and especially not for Instant Messaging, IRC, and other applications that are easy to listen in on. It's not too tough for someone who knows more than you do to bust up a bot and steal the password file, so by all means, use different passwords for everything!
  4. DON'T ever, ever, give the password to anyone. DON'T send it via E-mail, even to another one of your accounts. DON'T leave it laying around in a plain text file ANYWHERE, on or off our systems.
  5. DON'T ever use Telnet to log into your account. Use SSH (Secure Shell) which is an encrypted form of Telnet. People can't sniff your passwords and other personal stuff this way....

How to Select a Good Password

  • Passwords should be at least 6 and no longer than 16 characters.
  • No password should be composed of all numbers, minus, or plus signs. (Example: 1-609-555-1212 is not a good password.)
  • Your password should not contain your login ID, your first, middle, or last name, or any common permutation thereof.
  • The all lower-case version of a password should not be a word in a common dictionary or the reverse of a dictionary word. This includes the English language dictionary, many foreign dictionaries, popular passwords (e.g., xyzzy), and common names.
  • Passwords shorter than 10 characters should not be neither all upper-case nor all lower-case. (Examples: ilovebots and ILOVEBOTS are not good passwords.)
  • Embedding a number, special character, or case-shift within a password fewer than 10 characters long will make a password harder for others to crack. (Examples: time2go, big$deal, and iLovEb0tz are good, hard-to-crack passwords: 2morrow, money$, and Ilovebots are not.)
  • Remember, choosing a hard to guess password protects you and your important data from being accessed by unauthorized users, and helps make our system more secure for everyone.

How to keep others from getting your password

  • NEVER, EVER, EVER use the same password for anything else, ESPECIALLY password protected Web Sites or other ISP accounts.
  • NEVER give your password out to ANYONE! We will pull accounts in a heartbeat if we find out this policy is violated. Trust no one.

How to change your password

There are 4 ways:
Via the MartNet WebAdmin control Panel, By calling the MartNet Customer Care Center, via the "Change Password" command in your Mail Program (Netscape, Outlook, Eudora, etc.) OR Via your Unix Shell.

Use the MartNet WebAdmin Control Panel:

  1. See This page for more details:

Call the MartNet Customer Care Center:

  1. Give us a call at (215) 551-3552 and we can change the password for you.

Use a POP Mail Program:

  1. Some Mail Programs have a "change password" command (check your Mial Program's documentation if you can't find it. It's usually in the "tools" or "options" menu, in a fairly obvious place.)
  2. Simply choose the "change password" command from the appropriate menu. You will be asked to enter your old password, then the new one twice.
  3. Please allow up to 5 minutes before dialing in after changing your password - it can take up to 5 minutes (usually less) for your new password to be re-destributed throughout our authentication network.

Use your Unix Shell:

  1. To change your password the old fashioned way, through the Unix Shell:
    Use a Secure SHell (SSH) program, and connect to home.martnet.com (or www.YOURDOMAIN.com if you have a Virtual Hosting Account.)
  2. Log in to your shell account with your user name and password, and at the unix prompt (home:~$ ), type "passwd". You will be prompted to enter your old password and then your new password. Note that we highly recommend that you download, install, and use an SSH program to access your Unix Shell Account - SSH encrypts all traffic between our server and your PC, ensuring that no one intercepts and reads your data (including your new password!)
  3. Please allow up to 5 minutes before dialing in after changing your password - it can take up to 5 minutes (usually less) for your new password to be re-destributed throughout our authentication network.

What to do if you forget your password

If you forget your password, your MUST call us at (215) 551-3552 and request a password change.

NOTE: We do not keep passwords in any kind of unencrypted form, (this is a BIG security risk... and we take security very seriously...) and even the Systems Administrators cannot decrypt your password and tell you what it is. They do have the ability to change your password, which is what we need to do if you forget what it is. When you contact us, we may reply with a series of questions until we are satisfied you really are the account owner, then we will change your password. We are VERY strict about this policy, and do so to protect you, our customer, and the integrity of our Systems.

Remember that your password is your key to accessing all of your MartNet Services, and these policies are in place to maintain the stability and security of the systems, and to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your account. We take security VERY seriously, and we instantly lock accounts if we think they have been compromised, or are being used for illegitimate proposes. Again, we do this for our own and your protection. Picking a good password and using secure methods of accessing your account along with some common sense will ensure that your account stays active and happy.

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