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Problems with sending Martnet hosted email through AOL
Connecting with AOL but using Martnet Mail

If you can receive mail but are unable to send, this usually means that there is not a problem on our servers but with the connection from AOL. After much research, We are finding that a lot of people are experiencing the same problem with AOL's connection and that AOL is denying that they block port 25 traffic.

Here are some more possible solutions we have found:

  1. Change your outgoing mail server port to 26. In outlook express this can be can be found in Tools>Accounts>Mail Then select your account and go into Properties> Servers and change the outgoing mail server port to 26
  2. Change your out going (SMTP) mail server to "smtp.aol.com" this will send the mail through AOL's mail server instead of your martnet hosted domain. If you get errors that the email is invalid, try using your aol address as the "from" address and your martnet hosted email address as the "reply to address.

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