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Forged MartNet Notices (Virus)
The Beagle.J worm and fake emails

It has come to our attention that there is a new virus/worm making the rounds called "Beagle". There are many different strands of this virus.

You may receives messages that look something like this:

From: staff@martnet.com
To: sales@martnet.com
Subject: Email account utilization warning.

Dear  user of  e-mail server "Martnet.com",

Some of our clients complained  about the  spam  (negative e-mail content)
outgoing from your e-mail account. Probably, you  have  been infected by
a  proxy-relay trojan  server. In order  to  keep your computer  safe,
follow the instructions.

Further details can be  obtained from attached file.

The Management,
    The Martnet.com  team                          http://www.martnet.com 

This email is NOT FROM MARTNET.
The MartNet staff will never send an email to a customer with an attachment. If you receive a message similar to this, or any message with an attachment that appears to being coming from MartNet or "staff@YOURDOMAIN.com" DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. Delete the email immediately.

As always, we recommend purchasing and installing anti-virus software, such as Norton Anti-Virus. Also, we recommend keeping the virus definitions in the software as up to date as possible. Most anti-virus packages have a built in feature that allows you to update the definitions automatically over the internet to keep you protected from any new virus outbreak.

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