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Using Usenet News
Using this popular newsgroup service

On March 5th 2004, the NNTP Usenet news access that we receive from our news provider was unexpectedly terminated without notice. We apologize for any inconvienence this may have caused. Because of this sudden termination and the small amount of subscribers that use this service, we have decided to no longer offer NNTP news access from news.martnet.com. While this is an inconvienence to those of us who prefer to access the Usenet through the shell using programs like "tin", it does not mean that Usenet news is inaccessible to us.

Here are a list of some ways you can check Usenet news.

Google Groups
Google Groups is a free web based news service run by Google.com, the popular search engine. Google Groups contains the entire archive of Usenet discussion groups dating back to 1981. It's fast and easy but it's web only and can't be used with regular news readers.

Tera News
Tera News is a free NNTP news service that allows 50 MB of downloads per day. You can connect through them through any regular news reader and offers a pay service upgrade which allows you to download more megabytes of messages per day.

Pay Services:
If you need more high performance Usenet access, and are willing to pay for it, check out this page which has links to dozens of pay Usenet providers.


Don't have news reader? Need more information? Check out this site for more information on news readers and Usenet news


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