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MartNet WebAdmin - System Documentation
Search man pages, google and more.

This module allows you to search various types of documentation stored on your system. Just enter the search terms into the Search for field and select the kinds of documentation using the checkboxes next to Search in. If you enter more than one word to search for, select the Match all option to find documents that contain all the words, or Match any to find documents that contain any of the words.

The Match option determines whether Webmin looks at just file names for the search terms, or the file contents as well. Searching contents can return more results, but will take longer.

When you are ready, click the Search button. A page listing all the documentation that matches will be displayed, from which you can click on a specific file or page to display it.

For help on any of the MartNet WebAdmin modules, please click on the "WebAdmin Help" link on the side menu on the left side of this page

Search Options

  • Manual pages - Searches the Linux man pages
  • Usermin help - Searches Usermin help (usermin is what Marnet userAdmin is based on)
  • Package documentation - Searches through all of the software packages installed on this server
  • Perl module documentation - Searches through all of the documentation for the PERL modules on this server
  • Google search engine - Searches websites through the Google Search Engine.

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