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Virus Blocking Info
why was my email blocked?

If you are reading this page, an email that you sent was probably rejected by our mail servers. It was suspected of having a virus and the rejection notice would have this message: "this message may contain a virus - see http://martnet.com/virus-info"

Because of the massive amount virus infections that have been occuring lately, we have been rejecting certain common subject lines that viruses use.

Here are some of the subjects that we are blocking:

funny game
special nice game
Re : some questions
Happy Allhallowmas
Have a good Allhallowmas
W32 . Klez . E removal tools
Re : Approved
Re : Details
Re : Re : My details
Re : Thank you !
Re : That movie
Re : Wicked screensaver
Re : Your application
Thank you !
Your details

What can you to stop your mail from being blocked? Well, if it's a piece of mail that you know you sent, change the "Subject" field and that will let it go through. If you don't recognize the message, it may be that you are infected with one of these viruses, or some who has your email address on their computer is infected. Read this page for more details

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