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Virus Information
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General Virus Info

It seems that every other day, new nasty Windows computer bugs are created and have been clogging corporate networks and personal email boxes world wide. They are all over the news and all over your email box.

Your mailbox gets flooded with messages and it's hard to stop the flow because people that don't know that they are infected send out hundreds of messages, while others infected with worms are unknowingly probing and attacking computers all over the internet.

Also, getting the emails does not nessisarily mean that you are infected. The problem with these viruses is that they forge the To: and From: addresses in the emails and they gather the address from the infected computer. So if someone who is infected has your email address somewhere on their computer, like in their address book, then the worm can possibly send itself to you, or send itself to someone else and make it look like it's coming from you. Which is why you may be getting returned emails from things you never sent.

How to protect yourself

Use anti-virus software

There's way too many bugs out there for anyone to keep up with manually but the best bet is to always run virus checking software on your computer. We recommenend software from companies such as Symantec, http://www.symantec.com/ . Make sure to set the software to update its virus definitions automatically, every day. New variations pop up every day and it's imperative to keep up to date.

Symantec also has a security based website that has many manual fixes for some of these virii.


Install Microsoft security updates

Also, it is very important to keep up to date with security updates from Microsoft. Make sure that Windows Update is also set to check for security updates everyday to help protect you agains worms. Also, check http://www.microsoft.com/security/ for security updates and news on a regular basis.

Microsoft also has toll free hotline set up for any questions you may have about the virus and worm outbreaks 1-866-PC-SAFETY


- Donít open unexpected or unknown attachments. The guideline used to be ďdo not open attachments from people you donít knowĒ but virus writers have found ways to forge email addresses so they look like they are coming from someone you know. Even if it looks like itís from someone you trust, itís safer not to open it. Some emails are even made to appear that they are coming from MartNet or from someone at your own domain name. These emails tell you that you are infected with a virus, or that email address is about to expire and to open the attachment that comes with it. MartNet will NEVER send you an email with an attachment. Throw out the email and attachment.

What MartNet is doing

MartNet is doing it's best to stop the flow of virus. We block some of the common subject lines of certain email virii. Read this page for more details. We are also currently testing anti-virus solutions that will stop some of the viruses before they even reach your mail box.

We keep our news site (http://noc.martnet.com/)updated with news on any new major virus attacks and we also frequently update our support site with the latest virus info. Click here for virus related support topics

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