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Using DadaMail (formerly MojoMail)
Basic user guide for this powerful mailing list manager

Whether you've installed DadaMail yourself, or had the MartNet Design Staff install it for you, this page should help you get started on using this powerful, yet easy to use program.

If you need more comprehensive help, check out the support section at http://mojo.skazat.com/support/

Important information you need to know:

Where is DadaMail?


Here is where you can direct users to DadaMail to sign up and where you can log in to your management interface.

Create a sign up form
If you would like a small sign up box like the one below to be incorporated into your web page, it can be found in the Administration page under Manage Appearance>Subscription Form HTML .

Location of your DadaMail files
It is important to know where these files are for back up purposes and in case you accidentally erase or overwrite them. We cannot stress to you how important it is to back up these files. You can back these files up to your home computer using an FTP program. If you accidentally overwrite or delete it and do not have a backup, MartNet may be able to recover your files for a fee.

The main program files and configuration information are stored here in your public_html folder here

or the absolute path of:

For security purposed, your mailing list info, including your archived messages and your actual mailing lists addresses, can be found in your root directory here:


or the absolute path of:

How do I send messages and manage my lists?
We're glad you asked. Just go this page in a web browser:


This is just a file our setup script places in the user's hom directory, which contains a meta redirect to the real DadaMail package at

In your web browser, you should see a page that looks like this:


At the bottom of the page should be a link entitled "Administration", follow it. you'll now see the administration screen. Log in with your list password and viola! Easy to understand admin page.


Different sections of the DadaMail Admin

Send A List Message - the default section in DadaMail when you log in. This is the section where you can send the emails to your list or test messages to the list owner. You can send text based email or HTML messages.
Manage List - Here you can update the admin email address for the list, change the list password, and other list related options
Manage Subscribers - Add, view, remove, or locate subscribers of your list.
Manage List Archive - everytime you send an email to your list, it archives. You can view the archive of your past emails and allow others to view it.
Manage Copy - Here you can change the emails that your members see when they subscribe or unsubscribe.
Manage Appearance - Here you can customize the look of your DadaMail log in page, or create HTML for a subscription form to put into your webpage code.

Creating a New List
Creating a new list in Dada Mail is easy, no really. First, in your web browser, go to the Dada Mail main, or default, page. For Martnet DadaMail installations go here:


At the bottom of the page should be a link entitled "Administration", follow it. you'll now see the administration screen.

Behold! At the bottom of the page, you'll see a title that says "Set Up a New Mailing List" and a form that asks you to type in the Dada Root Password. The Dada Root Administrator should know their own password, and type it in and press "Make a New List". You'll see a screen that asks for the new list's information; the list's name, the list owner's email address, the list's password and a description of your list.

Fill in all the information correctly and press "Create Your Mailing List" You have just made your list. Congratulations! The list will now show up on the DadaMail main screen and will be available for people to subscribe to.

Don't lose your root password! The root password for DadaMail is the password you used to originally set up the account. This password will let you create new lists. MartNet can change this for you but there may be an additional charge. When you create a new list, you will also create a password for each list. This password can be changed at any time via the management interface. When you create a new list, you can create a new password just for that list. We suggest that you make it different than the root password.

Other DadaMail options

There are many handy options on the MojoMail management interface that you can explore. Remember to back up your lists first, but feel free to check out what's available. For additional information and support, check out the MojoMail support site at If you need more comprehensive help, check out the support section at http://mojo.skazat.com/support/

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