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Counter-Strike: Brief Linux Primer
A quick start guide on what to do with your new CS server.

Once you're in, typing just "1" (number one) then ENTER will start your server in a screen. This means you can now log out without the server going down (FYI, Screen is running in the background). Simple, easy, and intuitive, right?

To see the server commandline, be at the menu and type "3" then enter (from the shell itself, if you've exited the menu, the command is "screen -r hlds"). The server monitor is also in its own screen. You can reattach to that with screen -r monitor (see a pattern yet?), which is option "4" from the menu, but it isn't very exiting. You'll just see it counting down to 0 and re-checking to see if your server's dead and, if it is, defibrillate it (CLEAR!). Just to reiterate, right here's where you get PuTTY.

Click on the "putty.exe" link, it's small. When you run it, make SURE that you enter SERVERNAME.martnet.com (where SERVERNAME is the name of the server that hosts your game. It's part of your e-mail address too. ie: masterblaster.martnet.com or mb.martnet.com) as the host you're connecting to, and that the "SSH" and not "telnet" radio button at the top is selected. If you don't know the hostname, enter the IP address we gave you for your server. That will work too. If you don't know the server name OR IP address, you've got issues, and you should e-mail us and we can set you straight :D

And again, make sure you check of SSH in PuTTy. We don't support telnet - it's old, unencrypted, insecure, and generally sucks...

As for exiting the menu, after the disclaimer you will see:


In linux, "ls" = "dir" to see what's there. In my test directory, username nemesys, i see:


and when i type "ls" and hit enter, i see:

nemesys@shockwave:~$ ls
Admin customer-server-settings martnet-server-settings halflife

By the way, if you're outside the menu and want to start the server (after say taking it down and messing with AdminMod plugins) just type "start_server" to start your server. The monitor_server script will start itself when you run the start_server script. These scripts are installed systemwide (in /usr/local/bin/martnet for those of you who want to peek at them...). This is really for more advanced users so if i've lost you at this point, don't sweat it, just stick with the login menu.

Other useful Linux Stuff...

"cd" is the same "change directory" command you're used to. Wanna see something neat? You don't have to type the whole silly path. Type "cd ha" and then hit the tab key, and it will expand to

r0b@mb:~$ cd halflife/

...hit enter and you enter the directory. Now with "ls" you see something like:

r0b@mb:~/halflife$ ls
hlds_l pbsv956.tar.gz settings startme

Enter the hlds_l directory just like you did this one, and type ls. Half-Life Dedicated Server _ Linux, getit? You'll see:

r0b@mb:~/halflife/hlds_l$ ls
Admin  cstrike  hlds_run kver.kp  sierra.inf
HLTV-Readme.txt    dmc  hlds_run.dat  libhlwon.so   start
auth  engine_i386.so  hltv  linuxreadme.txt   tfc
core  hlds_l  hltv.cfg  readme.txt   valve

or something very like it. These are the guts of the Half-Life engine. If you have Adminmod, you'll see the Admin directory (and capitalization counts - "cd admin" will get you nowere!). All your cstrike files are in - wait for IT - the cstrike directory! And by now you should realize how to get there no sweat, so goahnwidyobadself.

HINT:The nifty thing about putty is that you'll see the files are color-coded. Green is executable - like a Win .exe file. Blue is a directory. That oughtta help you navigate. As in DOS, "." means "this directory right here" and ".." means "the one above it." That's why "cd .." takes to the directory "above" the one you typed it in.

More forthcoming!

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