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Half-Life / Counter-Strike 1.5
Status and Upgrade Info

New Customers

Short form: we are using 1.5 as our new install now, unless you request 1.4, and both come with the latest AdminMod 2.50.26 with MetaMod 1.12. 1.5 is supported via the MartNet Forums, as well as this support site.

Existing Customers

Half-Life 1110 and CS 1.5 are both out, and we've got 'em!
As this is new code, they are totally and completely unsupported by MartNet via phone or email. However, for the adventurous, we are providng you with the ability to run an upgrade yourself with a shell script. The command is:

nemesys@shockwave:~$ upgrade-halflife

We take NO repsonsibility whatsoever for what might happen when you run this. Expect your server to break, die, and be generally unhappy. Don't contact us about it. Back up your configs, your custom maps, and everything else, and assume that it's all going to go horribly wrong and that a clean reinstall of 1.4 will be your only option. That way, nothing will surprise you.

If after running the upgrade script, trying to make sure you have the right MetaMod to make your AdminMod work, updating your configs, etc. etc. and what you end up with is a b0rk3d mess, then we will do a clean reinstall as if you'd just signed up with 1.5, as will all our new signups. Realize that means you'll be getting a fresh, brand-new, non-configured installation to work with. Our fresh installs include the new AdminMod package with MetaMod 1.12, which is necessary for use with 1.5. Now, upgrading your existing adminmod means uploading the single metamod 1.12 .so file, so a complete reinstall solely to upgrade metamod would be a little drastic...

We've done some limited testing so far and have integrated our existing shell scripts with 1.5; the logon menu and whatnot all work. Remember that all anticheats, stat loggers, and other 3rd party software, may work fine. Or may crash your server. Only time will tell for sure.

There is NO email support for 1.5, until further notice. For discussion, problems, comments, etc., post them at the MartNet Support Forums so we can all commiserate there. If you haven't yet, register yourself there to enable posting (you can browse them as a guest until you're registered).

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