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Installing and Using Psychostats
The Simplest Possible Method

Important:This document presupposes familiarity with FTP programs, navigating around your Linux account, directory structures, and other basics of your login shell. If you don't know how to do any of that, or if this document tells you to do something you don't understand, like "navigate to your home directory and see what's in the PsychoStats dir below it," do not contact MartNet Support for an explanation. Everything you need to know is covered elsewhere on this site or, at the very least, linked to. Without these basics, you should not be fooling around with stats programs. After you go read up on whatever you're missing and practice it for a while, come back here and I guarantee it'll all make sense.

I am assuming that you have been to PsychoStats.com, read what you found there, downloaded the Linux version, and used the FTP program of your choice to upload it to your home directory on our machine. If not, what the heck are you waiting for? Go do that now. I'll wait here.

Your next step is to unpack the thing from its current compressed state. As of this writing, it's being distributed in a tar-gzip state. So, first you have to get to your home directory - log in with your SSH client and, if you have the menu, enter 0 to leave it - and enter:
nemesys@shockwave:~$  gunzip psychostats1.7.tar.gz

This assumes, of course, that your username is nemesys and your gameserver is on shockwave. The important part is that if you see username@machinename:~$ then you are in your home directory.

Unzipping the archive results in another archive! Underneath the gzipped file is a Tarball, as indicated by the .tar extension. SO, now you must
nemesys@shockwave:~$  tar -xvf psychostats1.7.tar

Do NOT type "untar," it won't work and the linux geeks in the room will laugh at you. The three options following the dash tell the tar program to extract, verbosely, the file you are specifying.

You should see a bunch of screenscroll as it tells you what it's bringing out, and where. When it's done, you'll have the psychostats.tar archive, as well as a folder named psychostats1.7

Let's say you have webhosting Elsewhere, and must manually ftp stuph around. So, log in, exit the menu with option 0, and make a dir called statspages.

nemesys@shockwave:~$  mkdir statspages

Now get into the psychostats directory. Find and edit the stats.cfg file. Find the lines (near the beginning) that start with LogPath and HtmlPath, and make these changes:

LogPath ={

and then

HtmlPath = /home/yourusername/statspages

In other words, LogPath is where to find the log files to scan from, and HtmlPath is where to put the results.

Now we should be ready to install. All you do is type, in the psychostats directory, "./install.pl" not unlike the AdminMod installation procedure.

Time to run PsychoStats for the first time. You're still in the PsychoStats directory, so you should enter this:

nemesys@shockwave:~$  nice ./stats -v

You must use nice mode. I'm not kidding. If I ever see stats processes hogging up incredible amounts of server resources and causing spikes in customer servers, i'm going to slay them. being root is fun. don't tempt me.

Watch the educational and entertaining results of the -v switch you just entered which, if you're paying attention, you now realize is the option to verbosely tell you everything it's doing. Cool, huh? If all went well you should see something like

Creating index.html
Creating index-name.html
Creating index-kills.html
Creating index-deaths.html
Creating index-kdr.html
Creating index-kpm.html
Creating weaponlist.html
Creating awardlist.html
Creating top10plr.html
Creating motd.txt



meaning everything worked Just Fine(tm).

Now, you ftp to your IP address (NOT the gameserver port number!) with your favourite FTP client, like CuteFTP or WS_FTP or even, heaven help you, the command prompt FTP. Download the statspages directory and everything in it. I mean EVERYTHING. Folders, graphics files, .html, whatever. Text must be transferred as ASCII and graphics must be transferred as Binary.

When you upload all this stuff to your web host, you MUST PRESERVE THE DIRECTORY STRUCTURE. If the html expects icons to be in /stuff/morestuff/pics, and you get bored and move the icons somewhere "simpler," your web page will have a great many ugly little red Xs and no icons. It's that simple.

From now on, every time you run psychostats, you only need to get the html files. Since you already uploaded the graphics, there's no need to waste time replacing them with new copies. So alls y'need to do is ASCII transfer the new html generated by psychostats, upload it to your web host where html files go, and boom! Page updated!

More advanced topics shall be forthcoming. But this is more than enough to chew on for now, especially if you're new to all this stuff. Don't try to learn everything in one day!

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