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How To Use MartNet Webmail
An overview for all customers

NOTE: These are the instructions for our older, now unsupported Webmail. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

We recommend using our new MartNet WebAdmin mail. Instructions for using that can be found here.


The most straightforward and intuitive option, especially for dialup customers who aren't at their primary computer. (For virtual hosting customers, provide your username you signed up with, the domain it's connected to, and your password.) If you delete something it's really gone, and if you leave it there you can get it with your preferred client later (such as Outlook / Outlook Express, Eudora, or shell programs such as PINE and Elm). Unlike your preferred client, you won't have folders, mail rules, etc. at your disposal.

Note that since most of you check your MartNet email with Outlook or something similar, checking your webmail will NOT show any of the mail you've saved. When you start, for instance, Outlook Express, it by default downloads all your email to your computer, shows it to you there, and deletes it from our servers. The webmail system checks our servers for new mail. Therefore, it will only show email that has come in since the last time you downloaded it, and not any of your old email you saved at home.

If you need to be able to see messages you've read at home while on the road, you need to verify that your client POP3 settings will let you keep mail on our servers after you've read them at home. Since they won't be automagically deleted if you change this option, you will need to make sure to start deleting your old email regularly!


IMPORTANT: Enhanced WebMail is a Full-Featured POP3 Mail Client!! It is therefore incompatible with other POP3 clients such as Eudora, Outlook, Netscape Messenger, etc... just as you wouldn't use Netscape Messenger and Outlook Express at the same time, don't use Enhanced Webmail if you already use an email client! It's designed for people who either don't have one or can't stand 'em. We absolutely cannot be responsible for Anything Bad(tm) that happens to your mail account as a result of ignoring this warning

Most dialup customers won't have a need for this, unless they move from computer to computer a lot and/or REALLY hate mail clients. It allows you to define folders to sort your mail in, maintain an address book that you can access anywhere, specify a signature for the account, and other advanced options. Perhaps most important, it allows you to define multiple mail accounts and specify a folder for them to be delivered into; for instance, if you had basic dialup access, and also have 2 additional mail-only shell accounts for family members, you could configure webmail to get them all at once, and sort them into appropriately labeled folders ("Mom's mail, Junior's mail," etc.).

Especially for Virtual Hosting customers, this is probably what you want to use if you personally use several shell accounts (NOT aliases) with the same domain. Rather than log in with each account's name and password, you can use the Accounts button to define all your additional shell names and passwords at once, and have them each sort into a different folder that you create. For example, log in under your main account. Then create the folders Sales, Support, and Marketing. Using Accounts, you can tell the appropriate name's email to go directly into the folders you've made.

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