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AdminMod and your HL engine server
For working with Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic (cs, dod, and tfc).

Important Note for Counter-Strike 1.4

If you are an existing customer, be aware that MetaMod 1.12, released on 4/23/02, is required. Without it, your server will segfault and crash. Follow this link, read the news, follow the instructions, download the file. Also check this thread on our forums for info. If you signed up with a base 1.4 install, the updated metamod/adminmod was installed with your server, and you don't need to get mm 1.12 manually. In either case, the below instructions apply equally for getting AdminMod configured:

You should already be aware of how to log in and start your server. If not, you need to look here first.

Having done that, you should type "0" (zero) then ENTER to exit the menu system. Now you're at the actual shell. Type "ls" and ENTER (that's "El Ess," not "one ess") and see the halflife directory. Inside is the Admin directory, within which is the install_admin script. You need to run that script first. So, type "cd halflife/Admin" to get there. Enter "ls" again to see many files and directories. You'll be coming back here if you need to compile plugins. In green, you should see a file called install_admin. Enter "install_admin MODNAME" where MODNAME is either cstrike for counter-strike, dod for Day of Defeat, or tfc for Team Fortress Classic.

Important: when it asks where your HLDS engine is, you need to tell it the full absolute path to hlds_run. Huh? This means enter /home/USERNAME/halflife/hlds_l and it'll be fine. That's a lowercase "L," not the number "one." As in, "Half-Life Dedicated Server _ Linux." Don't forget the first slash!

If you have .ini files from elsewhere, you can upload them to your cstrike directory and go on your merry way.

For tech support issues, general questions, the INSTRUCTIONS, and anything else specific to AdminMod, go to their website. The online docs are great, and there's a public forum if even that doesn't help.

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