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Sending MartNet mail from other Networks
I'm not dialed into Martnet and I want to send mail!

Previously, MartNet customers could not send mail from their MartNet's account without being on the MartNet network. That is to say, not dialed up using MartNet or not in the actual Martnet Offices. You could check your mail, but sending from an outside network (ex. your home DSL, your AOL account, office T-1, etc) was impossible. This was an anti-Spam measure that prevented non-Martnet users from sending Spam through our mail servers (not good)

However, you can send mail coming from your MartNet account email address.

To send mail appearing to come from your MartNet account (ie. YOURNAME@YOURDOMAIN.com or YOURNAME@MARTNET.COM) you must check your email account first, then you can send your outgoing email. You will only be able to send mail for a short while after checking your mail.

Note: This is only for POP email clients.

Basically,if you check your email by downloading it to your computer first, you are using POP. Most of people use POP to check their mail and it is the default setting on most email programs (Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora and may others). If you use IMAP,(which downloads the headers of the message first) you still can not send mail though Martnet from an outside network. IMAP support is currently being tested now but there is no ETA yet for its launch.

How do we do this? We are using a service called POP before SMTP. When you check your email, it stores the IP address of your location in a database and allows that IP address to send mail though our servers. It only allows this for a short period of time and then it the IP address is deleted from the database, once again blocking that IP address from sending though the MartNet mail service.

Also: You can still always send and receive email via the web from our MartNet WebAdmin Mail program.

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