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Using MySQL
MySQL Database access for your MartNet Hosted Web Site

Each Virtual Hosting account comes with ONE MySQL database (you can have as many tables, and as much data as you want, up to your available disk quota.)

For security reasons, you MUST send e-mail to support@martnet.com to have your MySQL database set up.

MartNet supports the MySQL database ENGINE only - you must provide your own middleware for creating tables and managing data. There are many different enviornments that can be used to do this, including PHP, Perl, pthon, and the stanard MySQL Linux shell tools.

By default, MySQL is set up to accept local connections only (server name: localhost). If you want remote client access to your MySQL database (and understand the security implications of such access) call MartNet Customer Care and request remote access for your MySQL database. Note that we provide access on a per-IP basis, so have the IP addresses of any remote clients you want access for ready when you call. Also note that remote client access is in no way necessary for you to fully utilize MySQL or to use or manage it via your MartNet Hosted Web Site.

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