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MartNet Policies
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The MartNet SPAM Policy
READ IT, FOLLOW IT. MartNet accepts NO EXCUSES and instantly removes accounts for violation of our Spam policies.


(unsolicited mass e-mailing)

Please read the entire following section before sending complaints to MartNet, or if you are a MartNet customer, before sending ANY unsolicited E-mail.

This document is divided into the following sections:


Due to the lack of Federal Regulations concerning unsolicited Internet E-mail, we are responsible for setting our own policies concerning what is and is not acceptable use of E-mail services here at MartNet. Also be aware that several states and local municipalities are working on or have passed legislation regarding the sending of unsolicited E-Mail to people in that respective state or local municipality. These laws supersede any policy we set, and you are responsible for knowing and adhering to the local laws of the recipient of your mail. Failure to adhere to any present or future Federal, State, or Local laws, or our spam policy, as defined below, can result in the suspension or termination of your MartNet service.

Because individual Internet Providers are required to regulate themselves (which we prefer to the possible alternative: draconian Federal legislation that could curtail everyone's First Amendment rights) we have written the following policy concerning unsolicited E-mailing for commercial purposes. We believe this policy is fair to both paying MartNet customers and non-MartNet customers alike, and is one of the most progressive policies of it's kind in existence. Please feel free to send comments and suggestions to spam@martnet.com.

MartNet's "Spam" Policy

MartNet Communications does not allow the mass mailing of deceptive unsolicited e-mail (defined below as "Spam") from any MartNet Account, Server, Modem, etc. including co-located servers owned by the customer but housed at MartNet, or from any MartNet dial-up modem, even if the mail is relayed through a non-MartNet mail server first. MartNet Communications does not allow our Mail resources to be used by non-customers, and takes vigorous technical measures to ensure that our systems cannot be abused in this way.

MartNet Communications does allow the use of it's E-Mail resources by MartNet Customers for the purpose of unsolicited Direct Marketing, provided our strict guidelines (defined below as Direct E-Mail Marketing) are followed.

MartNet reserves the right to enforce this policy as we see fit, and to amend it at any time without prior notification. The most current version of our policy will always be available at http://support.martnet.com/policy/spam.shtml.


Spam is defined as the unsolicited E-Mailing of any message, with the intent to deceive the recipient as to the origination of the message. Some examples of techniques to send Spam include forging mail headers, intentionally including a bogus "Reply-to Address," relaying mail through non-MartNet servers to help disguise the origin of the message, and any other technical trick to deceive the recipient as to the origin of the message.

Direct E-Mail Marketing is defined as the unsolicited E-mailing of commercially oriented messages that meet the following requirements:

  • No more than 50 unsolicited messages may be sent from any one account in any 24 hour time period.
  • Forging headers to conceal the origin of the message is strictly prohibited.
  • The message body MUST end with real and accurate contact information, including the Name of the company, a real contact person or department name, phone number of contact (if applicable), and a valid Internet E-mail address THAT RESIDES ON A MARTNET SERVER OR MARTNET HOSTED SERVER (co-located at one of our facilities.) The address can either be a username@martnet.com address or a username@yourdomain.com address, where yourdomain.com is hosted by MartNet (either a virtual host or co-located or dedicated server.)
  • The message MUST contain a disclaimer with valid, easy to use unsubscribe information, so that the recipient can easily request to be removed from the list to prevent future unsolicited mailings.
  • All requests by recipients to be removed from future mailings MUST be honored immediately. Failure to remove a recipient from future mailings upon request (or adding their address at a later time so that they receive future mailings, either intentionally or accidentally) is a severe violation of this policy and will force us to take appropriate action. You are responsible for managing your mailings in a responsible manner, and if you can not or will not do so, we can not in good conscience keep you a a customer.

Failure to meet ALL of the above requirements will force us to treat your unsolicited mailings as spam, and take appropriate action, including but not limited to locking your account or terminating your MartNet Service. So long as you follow the above requirements and act in a responsible, professional manner, you can use MartNet's E-Mail resources to market your products or services without worrying that we will close down your account.

If you are a MartNet customer and find this policy to be too strict, we apologize. However, this policy is in place for the good of ALL internet users, whether they are a customer of ours or not. We have spent a great deal of time researching and writing this policy, so that it is as fair as possible to all Internet users, and if you don't think you can follow it, we suggest you find a more tolerant Internet Service Provider for your mass-mailing needs (and hope they stay in business long enough to provide the services you require...) We would prefer to lose you as a customer rather than allow you to act in what many Internet users (including everyone here at MartNet) consider to be an irresponsible manner.

For a sample E-Mail message that conforms to the above Direct E-Mail Marketing guidelines, click here.

Reporting Violations to MartNet

If you receive an unsolicited Direct E-Mail Marketing message from a MartNet customer, and it conforms to the above guidelines, please do not complain to us (we will only refer you to this page to read our official policy.) If you have any doubts, or if you receive additional mailings after requesting to be removed from the list, then please do send a copy of the message INCLUDING THE FULL HEADERS to spam@martnet.com and we will investigate the matter and make a decision. You may want to complain to the senders of the Direct E-Mail Marketing message and let them know how you feel - their contact information will be part of the message, and we do encourage contacting the sender of the message with complaints, because it will help to teach those who are acting within our guidelines how to be even more responsible with their marketing tactics. Please do keep in mind that the majority of our customers are trying to be as responsible and responsive as possible with their E-Mail marketing efforts, and they're just trying to make a living and market their product over the Internet- and those who are not responsible or responsive do not remain customers of ours for very long...

If you believe you have been the victim of Spam and you believe the mail originated or passed through MartNet, please send a copy of the Spam INCLUDING THE FULL HEADERS to spam@martnet.com. If you do not include the full headers, we can not track down the Spammer and prevent them from Spamming again. MartNet Communications restricts access to our SMTP relay servers to machines on the MartNet internal network only (including modem dial-ups and all servers) to prevent people outside MartNet from relaying their mass mailings through our systems.

One problem we have noticed lately is MartNet customers who dial in to one of our modems and then send mail to a relay server elsewhere on the Internet (usually an AOL server, but not always.) Because these spammers bypass our mail servers completely, there is no way for us to keep them from sending the mail out to the other relay servers without severely inconveniencing our legitimate customers. It is very easy to tell if spam came from a MartNet dial up because the word "modem" is somewhere in the name of the machine that sent the mail, which is usually accompanied by a fake domain name. (ie psp1-modem01.martnet.com) If you receive Spam and believe it originated from a MartNet dial up modem, please let us know immediately (and be sure to include the full headers.) You should also mail the postmasters at any servers that relayed the mail. Since the mail was relayed through their systems, they should be aware of the abuse of their resources, and will hopefully take the steps to keep illegitimate mail form going through their system (as we do at MartNet.)


Spam is as much a political problem as it is a technical problem. Only through the adoption of technical precautions and a written anti-spam policy by ALL Internet Service Providers, companies, and server administrators can we eliminate the Spam problem on the Internet today. At the very least, if a company chooses to allow the mass mailing of unsolicited messages, they should take the necessary technical steps to ensure that the recipient is able to easily identify where the mail comes from, and get off the mailing list easily if they do not wish to be contacted further. At the present time the Internet is plagued with unscrupulous mass mailers who use technical tricks and hacks to hide where the mail comes from, making it impossible for those who receive their spam to request to be taken off the mailing list if they choose. MartNet Communications is dedicated to doing everything possible to help create an Internet where everyone has a choice regarding who can send them mail. While we do not agree with the concept of unsolicited mass e-mail, and do not allow it on our systems, we do understand that the Spammers also have the right to communicate with others. Their methods of deception is what we have a problem with, and believe that it can not be stopped soon enough.

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